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Carpenter EstatesHOPE is committed to making a difference in the Mid South. That unwavering goal is embodied in our mission, values and vision.

Our Mission

To strengthen communities, build assets and improve lives in economically distressed areas of the Mid South by providing access to high quality financial products and related services.

Our Values

Three core values undergird HOPE's work. We adhere to these values without regard to circumstantial or environmental changes. They define our corporate identity. Our dedication to these values must be evident in our products, services and operations:

  • Equal Access to Economic Opportunity - Our work should reflect a commitment to fair and equal access to the economic opportunities that life has to offer.
  • Excellence - The people and communities we serve have a right to expect excellence, and we have a responsibility to provide it. A commitment to excellence is a statement of respect for our customers, depositors, funders, investors, board of directors and each other.
  • Bridge Builder - Recognizing both the limitations of our own human and financial resources and the necessity of broad support to address the development needs that face distressed people and communities, HOPE will seek to support partners and to engage, attract and influence the support of others to achieve our mission.

MurrielsOur Vision

To be a community development financial institution that: provides a substantial number of low-wealth people and communities with the financial tools and resources needed to achieve a better quality of life; that influences policies and resources that impact our constituents and our interests; and that is financially self-sufficient.