• Affordable Homes

    HOPE financing provides affordable homes

  • Health Care

    HOPE lending supports health care facilities across the region

  • New Home Buyers

    HOPE supports new home buyers with its counseling services and mortgages provided by Hope Credit Union

  • Affordable Housing

    HOPE financing supports affordable housing development across the region

  • Child Care

    HOPE small business lending supports affordable child care centers

  • Small Business Lending

    HOPE financing supports small business growth around the region

  • Child Care

    HOPE's policy work supports affordable child care around the region

  • Financial Counseling

    HOPE's financial counselors help homeowners keep their homes

  • Health Care

    HOPE's lending supports rural hospitals around the region

  • Rebuilding after Disaster

    HOPE's rebuilding efforts help families recover from disasters

  • Health Food

    HOPE's small business lending supports healthy food retailers

  • Affordable Homes

    HOPE's development help homeowners recover from disaster

  • Child Accounts

    HOPE supports financial literacy for all ages

  • Bank Deserts

    HOPE provides financial services in communities where nobody else does

  • First Time Home Buyers

    HOPE mortgages enable low income families to own their own home

  • Policy

    HOPE's policy work highlights the needs of low income families

  • Commercial Lending

    HOPE financing provides opportunities to new manufacturers

  • Affordable Homes

    HOPE's efforts provide affordable homes for low income families

  • Child Care

    HOPE's small business lending supports affordable child care

  • Small Business

    HOPE's financing helps small businesses grow

  • Health Care

    HOPE financing supports needed health care facilities around the region

  • Small Businesses

    HOPE finances businesses that other lenders turn away

  • Child Development

    HOPE supports child development projects around the region

  • Rebuilding

    HOPE responds to disaster by rebuilding affordable homes

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